Mrs Jones came to us at the airport. We thought she was the secretary but she turned out to be the president of the company.
After Susan carefully explained her ideas at the board meeting last week, the directors all voted for the change she’s made concerning the proposed project.
Of the students participating in our university’s research project, 73% classified themselves as freshmen and sophomores.
Originally we had planned to buy a car by the end of last year, but then with the recent fluctuation of the crude oil prices we decided to postpone the purchase.
Most people I know are interested in the proposed tax reform being debated in the congress because they hope it will lower taxes for them.
If you’re good at managing your own time and energy, it is very likely that you can do well both in your schoolwork and for your career
Mr. Paul White, thank you very much for your inquiry, but I feel the position more suits a female applicant. Anyway, I will keep your name on file.
Is this your best quote? I thought the prices will be coming down now given the current situation of financial and economic crisis.
Last month our manager took a ten-day business trip to Chicago, but he had to stay there for 3 more days situation as the negotiation turned out to be a tougher one.
When our children are made confident that they are positive and competent individuals, they will adapt themselves to the changing society and successfully accomplish personal goals.