Talks and Conversations 1

W: Ah, Bill, have you got a minute?

M: Yes, but can you make it fast? I’m pretty busy.

W: OK. Ah, I’m sorry about this, Bill. I know you’re busy but I’ve got to go somewhere this afternoon. Can I take the afternoon off?

M: Oh, come on, Helen!

W: But it’s really important. I mean it is really something urgent.

M: Look, I’m sorry Helen but I can’t. I’ve got two people off sick.

W: Well, how about a couple...

M: Look, we’ve got to finish this report today. The boss has been waiting in the office.

W: I know that, Bill. How about just an hour?

M: Yes, all right. I suppose so. But next time I want a bit more warning.


11. Why did Helen want to talk to Bill?

12. What is the relationship between the man and the woman?

13. At last, how long was Helen permitted to take her leave?

14. What did Bill want Helen to do next time?


本篇属于情景对话,首先应当抓住关键词组take off(请假),接下来就很好理解了。对话中女士因为下午紧急要去某地向男士请假,但是男士一开始因为手上的报告必须要在今日之内完成交给老板而没有准假。之后女士告知实在佷重要,能否请一个小时的假,男士最终答应了。


take off:请假

urgent:adj. 紧急的

warning:adj. 警告的;引以为戒的