Sentence Translation

1. People often use the excuse “I am too old to study.” But I like to say that it is never too late to expand your mind, make new friends and challenge yourself to achieve something worthwhile.



2. A 97-year-old Australian man will set another world record for being the oldest university-graduate in the world. The man graduates with a master degree in clinical medicine from Sydney University according to the local reports.


考生在翻译是不必将set another world record机械地翻译成“设置另一个世界纪录”,而需要灵活处理成“打破世界纪录”。另外注意一些关键词:

a master degree:硕士学位

clinical medicine:临床医学

3. According to the statistics recently released, the population of “post 80’s generation” in this country is over 200 million. The media usually refers to them as “salves to property, credit cards, children and marriage.”


本句中,考生需要特别注意数字的翻译,听写的过程中也要确保不要因为一时没有将数字反映过来而错过了之后的句子。另外,对于“salves to property, credit cards, children and marriage”,需要灵活处理成“房奴”、“卡奴”,“孩奴”和“婚奴”。

4. Hand shake grip should be no harder than the strength that you would use to hold a door handle. In addition, you should match your grip to the person you’re shaking hands with. Elderly people require a looser grip.


本句句子结构并不难,注意下no harder than的结构,在这里处理成“比……小”更符合中文的表达习惯。对于动词match的翻译,也可以灵活的转译。

5. Text messaging has become one of the most convenient forms of communication today. Similar to e-mail, it allows a person to quickly transmit and receive information by a cell phone. For many, text service is as common as voice service in itself.



text messaging:手机短信

transmit and receive:发送和接受