Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should
1) describe the drawing briefly,
2) explain its intended meaning, and then
3) give your comments.
You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)

Model essay
As is apparently depicted in the drawing, an aged woman is crossing a huge gap through a lied-down ladder. If we give it a closer watch, we can find that the gap that the woman is walking through is a generation gap. At both sides of the gap, stand, respectively, a young couple, startled and an aged man, encouraging his old wife to be brave.
The purpose of the drawing is to show us that utmost importance should be attached to generation gap which is prevalent in the current society. At least two fundamental factors could contribute to the existence of this phenomenon. To begin with, people receive different education and form different outlooks of the world. The education children receive today is different from that of their parents, thus, conflict between parents and children seems unavoidable. In addition, lack of communication also accounts for the fact. On the one hand, being too much occupied with their work and personal affairs, younger generation offers no chance for the parents to communicate with them. On the other hand, many parents also fail to realize the importance of communication.
The solution to the generation gap is communication. Fortunately, as the picture revealed, the aged generation has already taken the initiative towards the way to communication. It is high time that we, the youngsters, made our own contribution to the solution of this problem.