All  these schemes and crimes of  Hitler’s are bringing upon him and upon all who belong a retribution which many of us will live to see .the story is not yet finished , but it will not be so long .We are on his track ,and so are our friends across the Atlantic Ocean and your friends across the Atlantic Ocean. If he cannot destroy us , we will surely destroy him  and all his gang and all their works.
  Therefore have hope and faith , for all will come right.
  Now ,what is it we British ask of you in this present hard and bitter time ?What we ask at this moment in our struggle to win the victory which we will share with you ,is that if you cannot help us ,at least you will not hinder us.
  Presently you will be able to weight the arm that strikes for you, and you ought to do so. But even now we believe that Frenchmen, wherever they may be, feel their heart warm and a proud blood tingle in their veins when we have some success in the air or on the sea , or presently, for that will come , upon the land.
  Remember , we shall never stop ,never weary ,and never give in , and that our whole people and Empire have vowed themselves to the ask of cleansing Europe from the Nazi pestilence and saving the word from the new Dark Ages. Do not imagine, as the German-controlled wireless tell you , that we English seek to take your ships and colonies. We seek to beat the life and soul of Hitler and Hitlerism—that alone , that all the time ,that to the end.
  We do not covet anything from and nation , except their respect.
  Those Frenchmen who are in the French Empire and those who are in so-called Unoccupied France may from time to time useful action . I will not go into details . Hostile ears are listening.
  As for those to whom English hearts go out in full because they see them under sharp discipline , oppression and spying and of the Hun—as to those Frenchmen in the occupied regions , to them I say ,when they think of the future let them remember the word which Gambetta , that great Frenchman ,uttered after 1870 about the future of France and what was to come : “Think of it always, speak of it never.”
  Good night ,then. Sleep to gather strength for the morning ,for the morning will come . Brightly will it shine on the brave and true ; kindly upon all who suffer for the cause ; glorious upon the tombs of heroes—thus will shine the dawn.
  Vive la France ! Long live ,also ,the forward march of the common people in all the lands toward their just and true inheritance and toward the broader and fuller age.