a matter of 几(分钟,里路,块钱等)的事;大约,左右;是个…问题,事关…
about of 即将;打算
absent from 不在;缺席
absorbed in 吸引;专心于…
r0account for 说明(原因);解释;占…
adhere to 粘附在…上;坚持,遵守;依附
adjust to 调整以适应
after all 还是;终于;毕竟
aim of 瞄准;致力于…;旨在
all but 几乎,差点;除…之外的全部
all the while 一直地;始终
x0all the more 更加越发
all the same 尽管如此,仍旧
allow for 酌量;考虑到
and vice versa 反过来也一样
anything/nothing but 一点也不/只是;仅仅是
anything but 一点也不,决不是
nothing but 只是,只不过是
apart from 除了;且不说
appeal to 要求;上诉;引起…注意
approve of 赞赏,同意;获准,认可
around the corner 在拐角处;即将到来
as a matter of course 当然,理所当然的(事)
as a result/consequence 结果;因此
as fellows 如下
as for/to/regards 至于,说到就…而言/关于
as it is (was) 实际上;按照原样
as it were 似乎;实际上可以这么说;简直是;可谓
as opposed to 和…相反;与…相对比
as well 也…;和
as/so far as 就…而言;至于; 到…程度;在…范围内
ask after/for 问候,询问,探问/请求;找某人;要求
at a stretch 不休息地,一口气地
at a time 一次
at all 一点也不,完全不(用于否定句)
at (the) best/worst 顶多,充其量也不过/最坏也就是
h0at (all) time 总是;无论何时,一直
at a loss 不知所措
at all/any cost(s) 不惜一切代价
at all events 不管怎样,反正
at any moment 随时
at any rate 不管怎样;总而言之