Simulated Test 1

Part One: Structure & Written Expression

Directions: In each question decide which of the four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place(s) marked. Put the letter of your choice in the ANSWER SHEET. (25%)

1. After the lean musical years in the 1630s, there had been a          in Monteverdi’s operatic career: a new production of L’Arianna was staged in 1640, and three new operas appeared within two years.

A. reverence   B. resurgence   C. recrudescence    D. regress


2. The high-rise garbage repository is a          for both accomplishment and failure.

A. exaggeration    B. allusion    C. euphemism    D. metaphor


3. Their mother had died when they were little more than infants and it was from that moment the Paul’s misanthropy had         .

A. set back   B. set aside  C. set about   D. set in


4. The loud noise of the alarm clock          her sweet dream

A. broke down       B. broke upon      C. broke in on      D. broke through


5. The bishop didn’t specify in detail what he wanted to know, but I imagine he fears that Father Marr was killed because of something in his unknown past, which may not be          entirely to the church.

A. credible       B. credulous    C. credential      D. creditable


6. The room is about          in diameter as the hall.

A. one-third as large  B. as one-third large  C. as large one-third  D. one-third large as


7. The village was          two or three groups of simple houses, a church, a post-office and a small general store.

A. composed of     B. constructed by    C. consisted of    D. built with


8. The supervisor didn’t have time so far to go into it         , but he gave us an idea about his plan.

A. at hand    B. in turn     C. in conclusion    D. at length


9. Eric clearly          his father, a barbarian in every way

A. took after     B. asked after     C. got after      D. come after


10. The wealth of a country should be measured          the health and happiness of its people as well as the material goods it can produce.

A. in line with    B. in terms of    C. in regard with    D. by means of


11. Last week I          Thompson at the conference. He told me not to          her tricks.

A. fell to… fall through  B. fell on … fall to   C. fell out … fall on   D. fell in with… fall for


12.          by diabetes, Bach died on July 28, 1750.

A. besieged   B. besought   C. beclouded   D. becrippled


13. The high-rise garbage repository is a          for both accomplishment and failure.

A. exaggeration    B. allusion    C. euphemism    D. metaphor


14. The second book was          by August 1952, but two years later, the end was still nowhere in sight.

A. completed    B. to have completed   C. to complete    D. to have been completed


15. The world’s greatest sporting event, the Olympic Games, upholds the amateur ideal that          matters is not winning but participating.

A. anything     B. it     C. what      D. everything


16.         , the Olympic Games, upholds the amateur ideal that what matters is not winning but participating.

A. Having been the world’s greatest sporting event

B. Which is the world’s greatest sporting event

C. What world’s the greatest sporting event

D. The world’s greatest sporting event


17. We expect you to act          of our country in the talks concerning her entry into the WTO.

A. in the best interests       B. upon the utmost benefit 

C. for the best love          D. to the utmost welfare


18. You       live for ten days without food; without water you       die in less than a week.

A. may… might  B. would…should  C. might…would   D. should…might


19. I don’t think       of them is in the classroom.

A. all      B. both     C. either    D. neither


20.      , the tomatoes taste delicious.

A. They are ripe   B. they ripe   C. when ripe    D. when are ripe


21. A senior Bush administration official also indicated yesterday that early resumption of the six-party talks, hosted by China, on North Korea in January may not be possible because Washington and Beijing have not yet reached an       of views.

A. contract         B. identity        C. coordination    D. alliance


22. The secretary was left       about this plan.

A. in the dark    B. in the sea    C. in the doghouse    D. in the clouds


23. Physics, about which I know nothing, doesn’t seem      .

A. such a dull subject  B. so dull a subject  C. such dull a subject  D. so a dull subject


24. You can’t be       when you cross the street.

A.     so careful      B. such     C. much     D. too careful


25. The strong storm did a lot of damage to the coastal villages: several fishing boats were       and many houses collapsed.

A. wrecked       B. spoiled       C. torn      D. injured