Simulated Test 1


. Vocabulary

 Part A.

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence and mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square bracket on the ANSWER SHEET.

 1. The scene is so beautiful that it      my power of description.

A. transports    B. transfers    C. transcends    D. transforms


2. The schoolmaster      the girl’s bravery in his opening speech.

A. applauded    B. enhanced    C. elevated      D. clapped


3. The      meaning of “yellow” is a color, but it can also mean “cowardly.”

A. positive     B. negative      C. underlying     D. literal


4. Many people think that the standards of public      have declined.

A. morality     B. rightness      C. awareness     D. mentality


5. People were surprised to find that he had the ability to      everything he was involved in.

A. precede       B. dominate     C. pervade     D. denominate


6. The fact that they reacted so differently was a reflection of their different      .

A. performances      B. personalities      C. qualities      D. debut


7. This medicine will      the pain in the stomach.

A. ascertain           B. agitate            C. alleviate       D. allocate


8. The apartment was      as $50,000 and its owner decided to sell it.

A. automated      B. assessed         C asserted        D. avenged


9. The minister      all his officials pay the tax.

A. bids             B. blesses             C. barks             D. baffles


10. When a person dies, his debts must be paid before his      can be distributed.

A. paradoxes       B. legacies          C. platitudes       D. analogies


Part B.

Directions: In each of the following sentences there is one word or phrase underlined. Below the sentence are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one that is closest in meaning to the underlined part. Mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square bracket on the ANSWER SHEET.


11. Tourists flock from the remotest places to see the capital’s sights.

A. invade       B. troop       C. prompt       D. gather


12. He has told so many lies that we can no longer place any reliance on what he says.

A. belief        B. trust        C. conviction       D. dependence.


13. Oil can change a society more drastically than anyone could ever have imagined.

A. grossly       B. severely      C. rapidly      D. radically


14. In times of economic difficulty, governmental budgets for education are often slashed before any others.

A. shifted      B. cut      C. checked      D. donated


15. Modern printing equipment quickly turns out duplicate copies of textual and pictorial matter.

A. identical      B. double      C. illustrated      D. legible


16. With her youngest child having left home, she felt a pressing need to fill her time.

A. tense       B. thorough        C. urgent      D. small


17. The role of the performing artist is to interpret, not alter, the notes on a printed sheet of music.

A. omit       B. reproduce       C. compose      D. change.


18. Aircraft and rocket can be used to collect radioactive debris, while high-altitude satellites carry detectors for gamma rays and other emissions.

A. diffusion       B. remains      C. glitter      transfer


19. Although worn out by years of service to his country, Washington accepted the presidency of the United States.

A. favored       B. honored       C. exhausted       D. weakened


20. Between French friends, who have chosen each other for congeniality of their point of view, lively disagreement and sharpness of arguments are the breath of life.

A. coexistence     B. coincidence      C. correlation      D. compatibility



. Cloze

Directions: Read the following passage. Choose the best word for each numbered blank and mark the corresponding letter with a single bar across the square bracket on the ANSWER SHEET.


We do not know when man first began to use salt, but we do know that it has been used in many different ways throughout history. (21)         evidence shows, for example, that people who lived over three thousand years ago ate (22)         fish.

Stealing salt was considered a major crime at certain times in history. In the eighteenth century, for instance, if a person was (23)         “stealing salt”, he could be put in prison. History reveals that about ten thousand people were put in prison during that century (24)         stealing salt.

In the modern world salt has many uses (25)         the dining table. It is used in making glass and airplane parts, in the (26)         of crops and in killing weeds. It is also used to make water soft, to melt ice on roads and highways, to make soap, and to (27)         colors in cloth.

Salt can be obtained in various ways, besides being taken from mines underground. Evaporation of salt water from the ocean or from salt water lakes or small seas is one of the (28)            common processes for manufacturing salt. In Australia, it can even be taken from a “salt bush”. Yet, (29)           it is obtained, salt will continue to play an important (30)         in the lives of men and women everywhere.


21. A. Ancient         B. Historic         C. Historical        D. Old

22. A. salt             B. salted          C. salting           D. salty

23. A. arrested         B. caught          C. got              D. seized

24. A. as              B. by             C. for              D. through

25. A. besides          B. beyond         C. except           D. over

26. A. bearing          B. developing      C. growing          D. training

27. A. fasten           B. fix             C. preserve          D. tie

28. A. little            B. many           C. much            D. more

29. A. however         B. whatever        C. whenever         D. wherever

30. A. duty            B. function         C. responsibility      D. role