Section I 听力  20% 15分钟



For questions 8— 19 decide whether the statements are true or false. Write “T” for “true”, “F” for “false”.


8   Young people go to nomadic clubs just to drink.

9   The Circus has been going for less than three years.

10 Jeremy. the DJ, plays highly original discs.

11 The clubs are held in unusual places.

12 The Circus advertises to keep itself exclusive.

13 The Dirtbox has only a small following.

14 Phil and Bob do not bother to decorate their club.

15 The music at The Dirtbox is unpredictable.

16 The Substation thinks that luxury is unimportant.

17 You can watch silent films at The Substation.

18 You can stay at the club until breakfast time.

19 It is difficult for the police to find the clubs.


Section II Grammar and Vocabulary 10% (15 minutes)

In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate on your answer sheet the letter [A],[Bj[C] or [D] against the number of the question.

I   It is against the _________ not to wear seat belts in a car.
    [A]   rule
    [B]   regulation
    [C]   law
    [D]   order


2   All those old houses in Church Street are being pulled ________ [A] away


[C] in [D] down


3 I havejust            an account with the Great Eastern Bank.

    [A]   made
    [B]   opened
    [C]   entered
    [D]   registered


4 There was a ________ failure on the underground this morning.

     [A]  signal
     [B]  direction
     [C]  sign
     [D]  indication


5 The fishermen were ________ the sinking boat by helicopter

     [A]  taken round
     [B]  drawn off
     [C]  taken off
     [D]  brought up


6   1 don’t think those curtains_______ very well with the wallpaper.
     [A]  suit
     [B]  go
     [C]  fit
     [D]  march


7   The central heating doesn’t seem to be________ properly.
     [A]  going
     [B]  performing
     [C]  warming
     [D]  working


8 In recent years inflation has almost doubled the________ of living.

     [A]  price
     [B]  expense
     [C]  charge
     [D]  cost


9 Johnny’s parents always let him have his own ________

     [A]  will
     [B]  wish
     [C]  way
     [D]  demand


10 I heard the news _____the radio last night.

[A] by [B] on [C] with [D] in


11 The residents are organising a protest________ against the closing of their local hospital.

     [A]  outing
     [B]  march
      [C]  progress
     [D]  run

12 He never takes _________ in any college activities.

     [A] part
     [B] place

[C] shares

[D] time


13  Whatever _________ him buy that old’car?

 [A] obliged  [B] forced  [C] made  [D] encouraged


14 All medicines should be kept out of _____of children.

     [A] hand
     [B] touch