Abandon The match was abandoned because of bad weather.


ban  abolish  abort  cancel  cross out   wipe out   put off  delay 


desert/forsake/ leave / cease / depart  / discard / relinquish / surrender /quit/ withdraw /give up




abide We have to abide by the rules of the game.  (abide  observe  discover  adapt)


Her fame will abide for sure.  Last/endure/ continue/persist/remain/stay




You have to keep ______ with the times. 


Abreast/up  catch up with  go along with  fit in with




absorb  He was absorbed in a book and didn't hear you call.


engage/occupy/bend over/involve/be busy with




Abundant/rich  The rivers and forests of the New World were abundant in fish and game




access  In many schools, students don't have sufficient access to the library.




Accessible/available/handy/ready/convenient/obtainable/at hand




His words are never in _____ with his deeds.  (situation   accordance   according   fit)


I'm in agreement with Mr. Moore.      in agreement with/ be compatible with /comply with /conform  to/be in proportion to




account  He asked no one's advice; he did it on his own (account).independently


You have to take everything into account/consideration. Attention/regard/respect/mind


Give us an account of what happened.  Story/reason/information/description/tale/statement


He has been asked to account for his absence. ( describe  tell  relate  answer for  say  explain   explicate)




acquire   to acquire a good knowledge of English.  Attain/obtain/gain/earn/secure




active  He is very active in politics.  






adapt  To our delight, she quickly adapted (herself) to the situation.


Adjust/accommodate/alter/vary/arrange/modify/make fit




accustom  She is ______to living in comfort.  (accustomed/used   addict  be familiar with)




admit  It will take you half an hour to get to the station, allowing for traffic delays. 


(allow/admit/accept/permit/receive/confess/ acknowledge/adopt)




adequate Their earnings are barely adequate to their needs.






advantage  The great advantage we have over them is that they are short of money.


Benefit/gain/upper hand     interest/profit/harvest/crop/earnings/returns




Aim  His aim is to win the game. 






Amass  He amassed a great fortune in twenty years. 


Accumulate/assemble/gather/increase/collect/compile/heap up/store up






ambitious  These young men were ambitious for success and money.


Eager for/longing for/ hopeful for/wish for/crave for/be set on/be bent on/be intent upon




amount  His debt now amounts to 1,000 pounds. 


Add up to/approximate/total/sum up 




The future of her marriage is supposed to be decided by the amount of money.







angle  Try looking at this affair from a different angle. aspect