It's always important to use the right tools for any job. Success in school is no different. If you need to diversify your time management tool kit, consider these less conventional tools. Keep your homework and your life in order!


1.Daily Task List  每日任务列表

A daily task list is nothing more than a note pad that you use to list your daily goals. Carry a small pad around and jot down every task you need to complete. Cross them off as you finish them. At the end of each day, simply carry over any job that you didn't finish to the next day's list. It works wonders!


2.  Big Wall Calendar  大挂历

Simply place the big wall calendar in a prominent place near your regular study space. Then come up with a color code for your classes (like green for math and yellow for history). When you have a big due date or a test date, place the appropriate colored sticker on that date. The sticker will be something you can see every time you enter the room, so it works as a constant reminder. This trick is simple, cheap, and so effective!


3.  Sticky Note Flags  便签条

These little paper banners are lifesavers when it comes to getting organized, whether you’re putting together a big research project or you’re simply reading a book. Whenever you need to remember to take a certain object or assignment to school, place a sticky flag on the door knob, bathroom mirror, or the cereal box the night before. Works like a charm!


4.  Cell Phone Calendar 手机日程表

Do you use your cell phone alarm to wake you up in the morning? You could also use the calendar feature to alert you when projects are due. It only takes a few seconds to add a due date with a fun alarm.


5.  Bedside Note Pad  床边笔记本

 You can keep a note pad beside your bed to write down any items or tasks you have to remember for the next day. As you settle in for the night, take a few moments to thing about the things you need to do tomorrow. Then write them down and tear off the sheet in the morning. Remember to pack it in your school bag!


6.  Study Buddy 学习伙伴

 Two heads are better than one when it comes to remembering important assignments and project due dates. Team up with a friend and send reminders in the form of text messages when a test or a due date approaches.