Unit One: Company Operation and Management 公司运作和管理
1.3 Reducing Production Cost 降低生产成本

Quality supplier高质量的供货商
Efficiency of production line生产线的效率
Cost management 成本管理
Reducing business costs降低成本
Cutting corners偷工减料
Corporate identity公司形象
Cost- conscious注重节约成本的
TQM (total quality management) 全面质量管理
Production line 生产线,流水线
Specialist 专家
Shift work 倒班制,轮班工作(一半指三班倒,即day shift, evening shift,以及night shift)
Permanent schedule 固定班
Adjust to 对…适应
Hazard 危害,公害

     企业的生产成本包括由人工费用、材料费用等构成的制造成本和管理费用、财务费用、销售费用构成期间费用。企业成本管理的一个主要方法是全面质量管理(Total Quality Management,TQM),它以质量为中心,以全员参与为基础,目的是通过让顾客满意和本企业所有成员以及社会收益而达到长期成功的管理途径。

What’s important when…?
Aiming to control production cost 要控制生产成本需要考虑哪些要点?
1.Quality supplier 高质量的供货商
2.Efficiency of production line 生产线的效率

Cost management is one of important contents of enterprise management. Most companies will improve the state of business by means of reducing business costs. It can obviously result in higher profits and a stronger enterprise.

Some companies would choose a quick way to cut costs by cutting corners in production or using cheaper materials, but it always can be a self-destruct of the corporate identity. A true Cost- conscious companies not only try to get quality from suppliers but also work with the suppliers to help them improve their operations and quality of output. Because low quality goods from suppliers is a major source of waste.

In addition, efficiency of production line is another important thing to consider. In these days of changing technologies and methods, it is necessary to update the equipment and train your workers to increased the efficiency of production.

Accordingly,it becomes very prominent problem to improve the quality and efficiency of production.
因此, 提高其产品质量和生产效率成为十分突出的普遍问题。


Introducing Shift Work实行倒班作业制
Your company would like to introduce shift work operation to optimize the production process. You have been asked to help co-ordinate the project. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

1.how to arrange the work schedule 

2.how to match staff to this new work requirement

(1)When introducing shift work, the most important thing is to work out good work schedules. I think we can divide our twenty-four hour operation into three shifts: day shift, evening shift and night shift. And we’ll have this permanent schedule. It’s tough to work at night, but once you get used to it, it’s easier to fight off the night-time fatigue.

(2)We should also provide our shift workers with training programmes to help them better adjust to this new work requirement. We should inform them of the harmful effects of night shifts and give them tips on how to prevent and fight off these hazards.

(3)We can arrange health specialists to give them training courses and provide online consultancy service for the convenience of our shift workers.