Unit One: Company Operation and Management 公司运作和管理
1.2 Internal Communications 内部沟通

Strategic significance 重要战略意义
Overall purpose 整体目标
Feedback on performance工作反馈
Communication channel 沟通渠道
Annual reviews 年度回顾
Coping mechanisms 应对机制
Organizational relationships 组织关系
Tangible performance standards 具体工作标准
Two-way communication 双向沟通
Opinion survey 意见调查
Staff appraisal (对员工的)业绩评估,业绩考核
Layout 版面设计
Cartoon picture 漫画
Management message 管理信息
Subordinate 下级,下属

     企业内部沟通在公司运作中起到重要战略意义(strategic significance)。企业要搞好内部沟通(Internal Communications),首先,要有共同目标(Overall purpose),树立全员沟通理念增加凝聚力(collective cohesion)。其次,要建立健全的工作反馈制度(Feedback on performance)和效及时沟通渠道(communication channel),其包括书面沟通(written communication)、口头沟通(verbal communication)、网络沟通(internet communication)。接下来,我们看看下面的例子。

  1. What’s important when…?
  2. Communicating management messages to the staff
  3. 1.Overall purpose
  4. 2.Feedback on performance
  5. 3.Enrich the communication channels
First thing first, in my view, I think a successful company is consequence to define a clear and unifying overall purpose among all the employees. The reason is that the overall purpose resemble a beacon to guide the employee, the follower, to turn the purpose into achievable goals, projects, and actions in the next step.
In addition, a timely and correct feedback on performance is the key methods to optimize and evaluate the goals for theupcoming year. The staff perform the annual reviews and give feedback on performance which can help the company to amend or provide continuous effective coping mechanisms.
Besides, its broad range of communications activities, channels and media strive to help employees manage and use corporate information they receive in their work and organizational relationships, and it can help them feel both valuedand valuable.


  1. E-mail Newsletter电子邮件快讯
  2. You company would like to introduce an E-mail newsletter to send to all members regularly. You have been asked to help co-ordinate the project. Discuss the situation together, and decide:
  3. 1.what kinds of articles and information should be included
  4. 2.what the newsletter should look like and how often it should be sent
(1)It should carry articles about the tangible performance standards for staff to follow, and information about any changes in the company, such as new policies, new projects and new managers, etc. this will help to reduce the chance for confusion and misinterpretation of key corporate polices and decisions.
(2)I think we should place emphasis on two-way communication. The newsletter should also focus on the employee side. We should allow our employees to voice their opinions about day-to-day work and corporate development. They should also have a chance to comment on the performance of the managers and point out problems in their work.
(3)Besides the contents, the layout is also important. We can use some photos, people usually like to see pictures of themselves and people they know. So it will be able to attract more readers. We can also use cartoon pictures to help illustrate our ideas.