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Getting started

What do you think are the steps to deal with crises? Explain.


Put the four steps (a-d) of a typical crisis communication plan in order.

a Decide who will be responsible for handling the crisis.
b Decide who will be the point of contact between your Crisis Team and the media.
c Collect information and make sure you know the relevant facts.
d Identify who you need to communicate with: your customers, the media, etc. 

Listen to the first part of the podcast and find out how the speaker “jumped start the presentation”.

Career skills
1. tips to jump start a presentation
· shocking statement or startling statistic
· question and answer 
· meet the audience 
· what’s in it for me? (WIIFM) 
· enrolment questions 
2. be positive and dramatic-storytelling 

Language check 

brand awareness / recognition 品牌认知度
brand image 品牌形象
branding 品牌化

types of meeting
chat: informal discussion with colleagues at the coffee machine
brainstorming 头脑风暴
project meeting 项目会议
department meeting 部门会议
board meeting: an official, formal meeting of a company’s directors
EGM ( extraordinary general meeting): a shareholders’ meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposal merger


Read an article about offsite meetings and find answer to the question below.


Imagine that you need to make some key decisions about something like the Geopost managers (e.g. your studies or your future career). Which of the following do you think is the best way to do it?


Read and complete the translation by using words you’ve learned in today’s class.

1. 公司正在裁员。

The company is ___.