Apple is rumoured to release three new iPhone models this September and Apple could have just accidentally given away a new feature early.

Tech wizards have dug into the code of the latest iOS 12 beta 5 and found references to the new iPhone feature.
科技专家发掘了最新版iOS 12 beta 5的编码,也找到了苹果新功能的相关信息。

According to the code we can expect a new iPhone that comes with dual SIM support, in a first for Apple.

Android phones have come with multiple SIM support for sometime.

This is a popular feature in Asia where Apple is rumoured to be targeting its new iPhone.

In some Asian countries it has been far cheaper to call and text people on the same network, so having multiple networks on your device could be a money-saving advantage.

Another popular feature in Asia is a large screen, which makes screen writing of Asian lettering easier. Apple is also rumoured to be releasing its largest iPhone yet in the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus.
在亚洲广受好评的另一个功能就是大屏,大屏让手写输入更加方便。据说苹果最新的iPhone X Plus屏幕尺寸为6.5英寸。

Continuing the theme, the Asian market also expects low prices for its phone. This could be the year Apple releases an affordable iPhone X style model in the form of a 6.1-inch LCD 2018 iPhone, according to rumours.
说起亚洲市场,低价也是一大市场需求。有人说今年苹果可能会发布一款平价iPhone X,屏幕6.1英寸,保留LCD屏。

Expect to hear more as leaks continue in the lead up to Apple's expected September reveal of the new iPhones for 2018.