Ask yourself, is it good that a company headquarters is roughly the size of the Pentagon? Or should that be a red flag? I jest. Somewhat. But that's basically the size of Apple's new building, proposed by CEO Steve Jobs, although a bit of a smaller footprint overall. Check out the graphic below from the Mercury News.


In a presentation before the Cupertino City Council on June 7, Jobs said, "Apple's growing like a weed."

He said they have almost 12,000 people in the area and were renting buildings at an ever greater radius from their campus. They have a plan that allows them to stay in Cupertino and "continue to pay taxes." Apple bought some land formerly owned by Hewlett Packard, and have designed an unusual building.

"It's a little like a spaceship landed," Jobs told the council. Here's what the building will have:

• 4 stories high
• 楼高4层

• 3.1 million square foot sphere of glass
• 310万平方英尺玻璃球面结构

• energy-generating center

• 150 acres of land
• 总占地150亩

• capable of holding 12,000
• 可容纳12000人

• 大礼堂

• employee gym
• 员工健身房

cafeteria that can hold 3,000 people
• 可容纳3000人的咖啡厅

• some aboveground but mostly underground parking
• 大部分位于地下、小部分位于地上的停车场

• research facilities
• 科研设施完备

• move-in: 2015
• 投用时间:2015年

• 6,000 trees and apricot orchards
• 6000棵树木以及若干片杏园

• 80 percent of the land will be landscaped
• 百分之八十的区域会被打造成园林式景观