The interview is undoubtedly the most important part of your job search. Your network and your resume may help you get your foot in the door, but you've got to ace the interview to get the job. What happens, though, if your interviewer is -- gulp! -- mean or abrasive?

Read on for advice from job-search experts and learn how to save the day -- and when you should walk away.

1. Remain calm. Job-search mentor Roberta Chinsky Matuson of Human Resource Solutions suggests, "Take a moment to compose yourself. Then simply answer the question using a calm tone. Eventually the person will stop being so hostile, particularly if you are responding in a way that is not giving them any fuel for their fire."
保持冷静。人力资源解决方案公司求职顾问Chinsky Matuson说:"先调整一下自己的情绪,然后用冷静的语气简单的回答他的提问。 特别是如果你的回答让面试官无从刁难的话,他最终就不会再对你有敌意了。

2. Watch what you say. "Do not let an interviewer's tone push you over a ledge to potentially say things that you may later regret. Remember that business networks of people are wide and expansive, and your negative response or behavior in an interview could have lasting repercussions in wider circles," says Justin C. Honaman, a strategic business process and technology professional.
注意你说的话。Justin C. Honaman精通业务流程和专业技术,他建议说:"不要因为面试官的语调,而说出一些自己可能会后悔的话。记住,职业人士的社交关系网广泛而富有不断变化的可能性,你在面试中的不良表现可能会在更大的职业圈内给你带来持续的坏影响。"

3. Remain confident. Stephen R. Balzac, president of 7 Steps Ahead, an organizational development firm, says, "The more confident you are, the easier it is to operate on the assumption that you're not dealing with malice. That gives you the room to ask the interviewer if there's something wrong or if this isn't a good time. Frequently, what comes off as hostility is due to something else entirely: The interviewer may be distracted, upset about something else, have a tight deadline, etc. In one case, an interviewer's young son was extremely ill and when offered a chance to reschedule, he jumped at it."
保持自信。Stephen R. Balzac,在一家组织与发展公司的工作。他说:"你越自信的话,将面试官的敌意当着空气处理起来就越简单。这样,你可以心平气和的问面试官是不是哪里出错了,还是现在面试的时机不恰当。面试官的敌意经常可能是一些与面试完全无关的事情造成的:可能他心情很差,为什么事情而难受,或者工作交期催得很急等等。比如有一次,一位面试官的儿子得了重病,如果你和他重新约下一次面试的话,他会马上同意的。"

4. Get to know your interviewer. "If a vein is popping out of your potential new employer's head, ask questions directly related to the interviewer, such as, 'How long have you been with the company? What role did you have when you started? Tell me the story of working your way up,'" says career consultant Angela Lussier of 365 Degrees Consulting. "If you get her talking about herself, you can quickly turn her lion's roar into a kitten's meow."
主动去了解你的面试官。"当你的潜在雇主开始不耐烦的时候,问一些和他有直接关联的事情,如:‘您在公司工作几年了?刚开始的时候您从事什么职位呢?可以告诉我您在工作中的处事方式吗?"365°咨询公司的职业顾问Angela Lussier如此建议。他还说:"如果你可以让你的潜在雇主开始谈自己的事情,那她马上会从一个发怒的母老虎变成一个温顺的小猫咪。"

5. Address the issue. "The best thing someone can do when faced with a hostile interviewer is pause and ask if he/she has done/said something to upset or irritate the person conducting the interview. Usually, people don't realize that they are coming across in such an off-putting way, and they quickly adjust when the issue is raised, but gently," suggests Donna Flagg, workplace expert and founder of The Krysalis Group, a business and management consulting firm.
解决争端。Donna Flagg是一位职场专家,他创办了一家名为Krysalis Group的职业和管理咨询公司。他说:"当你面对一位有敌意的面试官时,最好的方法就是停下来,问问他/她,是不是你在面试中说了什么让他生气的话冒犯到他了?很多时候,人们并没有认识到自己正在说的话(做的事情)会让人不愉快。当他们意识到以后,就会马上不着痕迹的调整过来。"

6. Remember that it may be a test. "They may just be testing you -- to see how you handle pressure or deal with certain circumstances. They want to know if you stay calm and collected, or if it gets to you and affects your decision-making and actions. Many times these situations arise in business, so, unbeknownst to you, they may be placing you in a bit of a role-play scenario," reveals Bruce Powell, a managing partner with executive recruitment firm IQ Partners Inc.
记住这可能是一次试探。IQ Partners Inc.是一家猎头公司,Bruce Powell是其合伙经理人,他揭露说:"面试中面试官故意刁难你,可能是正在试探你---他们想测试你是如果处理压力以及类似情况的。他们想知道碰到这样的情况时,你是否可以保持镇静,或者说这样的事情那个会影响你的决策以及面试中的发挥。职业中会出现很多这样的情况,所以在不了解你的情况下,他们可能会通过在既定的场景模拟中观察你的表现。"

7. Turn things around. Interview expert and author of "Hiring and Firing" Marlene Caroselli suggests, "Employ the 'turnaround' technique. Buy time by turning the question back to the interviewer. For example, you're told, "We need an exceptional candidate for this position. From what I've heard so far, there's nothing exceptional about you.' Your turnaround response would be, 'Can you tell me what is so exceptional about the job that only the rarest of skills are needed?'"
扭转乾坤。面试专家Marlene Caroselli在其著作"Hiring and Firing"中声称:"运用周转技巧。通过将问题丢回给面试官来争取时间。例如,如果他们告诉你‘这个职位我们需要的是一位特别的候选人。目前就我所知,你没有任何特别之处。'你可以这样反问他们‘您能告诉为什么这份工作只需要非常罕见的技术要求,它的特别之处在哪呢?

8. Grin and bear it. "If an interviewer is that rude, he's probably run off other good candidates. Your only goal is to get to the next step. Figure out what that is and if you can get there," advises workplace communications specialist Linda Swindling.
笑着接受它。"如果面试官态度很恶劣,他可能已经中意了其他好的候选人了。你此时的唯一目标就是进入下一个步骤。找出下一步需要做什么,并努力去达到这一目标。"以上建议来自职场交流专家Linda Swindling。

9. Leave. Rachel Ingegneri, human resources expert and author of "Ten Minutes to the Job Interview," says, "If an interviewer is hostile to the point of creating fear or possible physical harm, I suggest that the candidate politely remove himself from the room or area and speak with someone in higher authority (a receptionist or secretary may provide that information). If there is no one else to speak with, vacate the premises as soon as possible. If hostile tactics appear to be the norm, that does not seem like the type of place to be employed."
离开。人力资源专家Rachel Ingegner在其著作"Ten Minutes to the Job Interview"说:"如果面试官的敌意让你感到恐惧或给你造成了身体上的伤害,我建议候选人礼貌的离开,然后向更高层的管理人员反应情况(前台或秘书可以将高层管理人员的信息提供给你)。如果该公司没有其他人可以反映情况,就马上尽快离开这家公司。如果一家公司的粗暴无礼已经成了一种行为规范,那这家公司也不会适合上班了。"

10. Close strong. "Give a strong close at the end of the interview," states Lauren Milligan, founder of . "Say, 'I'm very interested in this position and I sincerely thank you for your time and insights today. If I am chosen to continue on in your recruiting process, will I have the opportunity to interview with other managers as well?' This shows you were able to deflect their bad attitude and are hungry for more. In these times, only the strong survive, so don't let someone's bad attitude throw you off your game!"
强势的结束。 公司的创始人Lauren Milligan 说:"在面试结束的时候,表现强势一点。告诉面试官‘我对该职位很感兴趣,感谢您抽时间来面试我,并真诚的感谢您今天的真知灼见。但是,如果下次我还有机会来贵司复试,请问是否由其他的经理来面试我呢?'这样说表明对于他们恶劣的态度,你是有能力处理的,并且你追求的不止这些。这种情况下,只有强者才可以生存,所以不要因为别人恶劣的态度而失去了工作的机会。"