1.I am twenty-three years of age and graduated from the University of Michigan of the class of 2015.    


2.I am currently a student in Hubei University and I have three month to complete before I graduate.     


3.Needless to say, I will have completed a standard course in psychology before I graduate in July. In addition, I have chosen to elect all the courses available at my school in this field.     


4.I graduated from Beijing Commercial College in July of 2015.Since that time I have been taking night course in the college in Business Administration and Sale Technique.     


5.I am just over twenty-four years of age and have left college about three months ago, during which time I have been striving to make myself proficient in shorthand and typewriting, and have attained a speed of ninety and seventy words a minute respectively.     


6.I have received a good education and I have business knowledge and know the sales techniques.  


7.My English score were always on the top three of my class of sixty. I have learned to operate computer and I can type either in English or in Chinese.    


8.I am to graduate this July from Beijing Commercial College, having completed the four-year commercial course. During my summer vacation I was employed in the accounting department of a Chemical Company.    


9.I am twenty-three years old and a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University.    


10.I am thirty-six years of age, and have had ten years experience in my present job, which I am leaving to better myself.   


11.I am just leaving school; and twenty-two years of age. I am anxious to settle down to office work.    


12.I was graduated at Beijing University, in July 2015. I am twenty seven years of age and single.    


13.I am a graduate of Beijing pholytechnics, class of 2015. For the last two years.