Some people offer replies they mistakenly assume that bosses love, such as 'I am a perfectionist.' That response 'will be used against you' because you appear incapable of delegating, warns Joshua Ehrlich, dean of a master's program in executive coaching sponsored by BeamPines Inc., a New York coaching firm and Middlesex University in London.

一些应聘者会给出误以为老板会喜欢的答案,比如,“我的缺点是过于追求完美”。对此埃里奇(Joshua Ehrlich)提醒说,这个回答会对你求职不利,因为它显得你似乎没有能力授权给他人。埃里奇是一个由纽约职业培训机构BeamPines Inc.和伦敦米德塞克斯大学(Middlesex University)合办的经理人硕士班培训项目的负责人。

A careful game plan could help you cope with the shortcoming query in a way that highlights your fit for a desired position. Job seekers who field the question well demonstrate that they can 'take initiative and improve themselves,' Mr. Morrow says.


The key? Thorough preparation. Career specialists suggest you take stock of your weaknesses, focusing on job-related ones that won't impede your ability to perform your duties. Tony Santora, an executive vice president for Right Management, a major outplacement firm in Philadelphia, says an information-technology manager flubbed a 2007 interview by choosing a personal foible as his reply: 'My true weakness is that I am a terrible cook.'