it is my honor to be here today.

i want to make a brief introduction of myself. i graduated from xxx university, i'm major in xxx.

i have been working in xxx company in a xxx position for xxx years. my job duty is mainly .... (talking about your previous job)

as china opens its capital market, more & more foreign banks now have the authority to operated rmb business. standard chartered bank has a great name all over the world.i sincerely want to join scb & to be one of its staffs.

base on my education & past working experience, i've learned how to .....& also put it into practice by handling my daily work. (talking about the jd job duty, say that you're qualified for the position, but donot say it directly, you should give some examples to prove it.)

i think the most important thing is communication. i represent my company when i'm talking to the customers. sometimes there might be some misunderstanding only because of lack of communication.....blabla...

(show you're professional.....)

i'm appreciated for this opportunity that you gave you for your time.....