You could tick all the boxes in terms of experience, education and skills when applying for a job, but if your email address is too informal it could be holding you back.

Research has discovered that addresses considered cute or funny, and even those that contain underscores, can hinder your chances.

And this has the same negative effect on recruiters as spelling mistakes on a résumé.

The study was carried out at the Department of Social and Organisational Psychology at VU University, Amsterdam.

The team wanted to see if a résumé containing a formal email address would boost the applicants' chances of getting the job than an informal email address résumé.

It deliberately used different fonts, including Arial and Times New Roman, littered spelling mistakes throughout and altered how conscientious, intelligent, honest and humble the applicants appeared.

The results show that recruiters do indeed assess the hirability of an applicant with a résumé featuring a formal email address higher than that of an applicant with a résumé featuring an informal email address,' said the researchers.

And this detrimental effect was on par with that caused by spelling errors.

This trend was only mediated if the applicant appeared more conscientious, or showed signs of humility.

"In summary, the results showed that when writing a résumé, it is important to use a formal e-mail address," concluded the researchers.

"The initial screening of an applicant's résumé can strongly influence first impressions.

'Even "small" résumé characteristics, such as the email address, can determine a positive or negative impression by recruiters.