So you use Twitter to retweet cool articles and follow your favorite celebrities. But if you're someone on the job hunt, have you used it to fill out your #Twesume yet? Let us explain.

Using social media to land a job is nothing new, but you may have recently heard of the 140-character résumé — or rather, the #Twesume — either by seeing it in your feeds or reading about it online.

While being prepared to tweet out your skills is important, it's just one part of the job search game. Here, check out some tips to get you ahead in the Twitterverse and the job world.

Be engaged in your industry: Chances are that your industry of choice — no matter what the field — will have a significant Twitter presence. Be someone who contributes to the conversation both by interacting with established career folks or passing on relevant articles. The ultimate goal is for others to look to you as a thought leader in the industry.

Use it as the starting point: A #Twesume might be a good idea, but you'll also want prospective employers to learn more about you. Hook up your Twitter profile to your LinkedIn page or personal website. Make it easy for them to get a sense of the bigger picture of what you're capable of.

Take part in industry chats: One of the best things about Twitter is interacting with people you wouldn't necessarily meet in person. And one of the best ways to do that is by joining chats related to your field of interest. Not only will you have a reason to reach out to new contacts ("What did you mean when you said that in the chat?"), but you'll stay up to speed on what's going on in the industry.

Let people know you're on the hunt: It's good to announce (and remind people) that you're searching for a job so they can put you in touch with anyone who can help. But don't be annoying about it by posting too often and don't be the person who only reaches out when you need something.

Go to the source: Follow hiring managers, recruiters, and accounts dedicated to promoting job openings. Sometimes you'll get word of a job through Twitter before it's even posted on the company website, giving you a leg up on the competition.