Are you OK, Lily? You don't look very happy. Oh, David. I had an argument with mum again. I'm not getting enough pocket money. How much do you get? £5 a week. That sounds reasonable to me. Well, I'm 14 and if you are going to town shopping, you can never have enough money. Everything is so expensive. But is it fair amount of money? Compare what your friends get. Well, we all get the same. But I have to buy all my music things as well things for school and have hardly anything left to spend on clothes. Right. Do you have to help around house? Not really. So you don't have to do anything for this pocket money. Mum said if I did that I will never have time to do my school work. Has she said you can have more pocket money when you are 15? Well, Mum just says she'll decide when I'm ready to have more. And I've just got to wait. Maybe you should sit down with her and say "How can I prove that I am old enough to get more?" So, I should talk to her again? Yes, but don't argue with her. Just discuss it calmly. OK, thanks.