Why? You're all wet. I didn't bring my umbrella with me. The weather forecast said it would be sunny. But you could see the big black clouds this morning. What do you think of your new roommate? Well, she's a bit untidy. Apart from that, she's really sweet. You should have some patience then. I haven't seen John these days. He's moved out. He's now living in a quieter place. Is it far from the school? Yes, but he said it's worth the trouble. Sir, did you see the "NO PARKING" sign? I won't be here long. My wife will finish the movie in five minutes. Sorry, sir. Not even for one minute! You'll get fined if you don't go. Does Jane still play the violin? Yes. She's practising it every day. You should be happy then. Yeah. It's Bob that's worried about. He really wants to buy drums. But he thinks we spent all that money on the guitar and he has hardly used it.