1.The reading given when the pointer stops moving is the insulation resistance, which is normally high if the capacitor is in good condition.

2.The BIOS looks at the sequence of storage devices identified as boot devices in the CMOS Setup. "Boot" is short for "bootstrap", as in the old phrase "Lift yourself up by your boot straps". Boot refers to the process of launching the operating system. The BIOS tries to initiate the boot sequence from the first device using the bootstrap loader.

3.A third issue that has had a large impact on adoption is the widespread use of prepaid mobile phones in Europe (up to 75% in some areas). These can be purchased in many stores with no more formality than buying a radio. You pay and you go. They are preloaded with, for example, 20 or 50 euro and can be recharged when the balance drops to zero.

cally every teenager and many small children in Europe have (usually prepaid) mobile phone so their parents can locate them, without the danger of the child running up a huge bill. If the mobile phone is used only occasionally, its use is essentially free since there is no monthly charge or charge for incoming calls.

5.An integrator is the simplest filter mathematically, and it forms the building block for most modern integrated filters.