1.An implicit assumption in our discussion is that the power levels of all stations are the same as perceived by the receiver.

2.CDMA it typically used for wireless systems with a fixed base station and many mobile stations at varying distances from it.

3.The power levels received at the base station depend on how far away the transmitters are.

4.A good heuristic here is for each mobile station to transmit to the base station at the inverse of the power level it receives from the base station. In other words, a mobile station receiving a weak signal from the base station will use more power than one getting a strong signal. The base station can also give explicit commands to the mobile stations to increase or decrease their transmission power.

5.Ideally, the component should be removed from the circuit completely; but if this is inconvenient (at least until if proves necessary for removal), one or more leads should be disconnected and care taken to avoid current paths in neighboring components when testing.