1.The commercial success of the integrated circuit industry was based on standard products representing digital logic families.

2.This curriculum includes the elementary theory of passive component (resistor,capacitor and inductor) and electrical net works which supplies power with a DC source,then an introduction to the effects of alternating voltage and current in passive electrical circuits is given.

3.The content involved in semiconductor diodes(PN-junction diodes, specia purpose diodes),transistors(field effects and bipolar transistors),signal amplifiers, practical amplifiers, biasing circuits, operational amplifiers circuits and other circuits (rectification, regulation and DC power supplies).

4.Fourier series and Fourier transform(definition,properties,frequency response and analysis of linear time-invariant systems based on Fourier transform,sampling,correlation and power spectral density)

5.Its main content includes the elementary theory in circuit theory(net work functions,characteristic frequencies),types of filter(low pass,band pass,etc.),review of operational amplifiers (design of first and second order using operational amplifiers