1.The reduction in power dissipation is particularly important where a complex circuit is to be concentrated into a small space.The problem of extracting the heat generated in the circuit may then be a difficult one.

2.The fundamental purpose of an electronic communication system is to transfer information from one place to another.

3.The first decision is on whether to choose a fixed point or a floating point device.

4.The range of uses for the laser is striking,going far beyond the original ideas of the scientists who developed the first models(though they don't like to admit this),as well as vastly beyond the visions of the early science-fiction writes,who more often than not were simply looking for a futuristic weapon(though they too are not about to admit their lack of vision).

5.Laser beams have been produced in every color of the rainbow(red is the most common laser color),as well as in many kinds of invisible light,but each laser can emit one color and one color only.