1.The original source information can be in analog(continuous)form,such as the human voice or music,or in digital(discrete)form,such as binary-coded numbers or alphanumeric codes.

2.The signal-processing block at the transmitter conditions the source for more efficient transmission.

3.The synchronization word reoccurs once again after the last channel has been received.

4.In these descriptions we shall see how a speech channel of telephone quality maybe conveyed as a series of amplitude value,each value being represented,that is,coded,as a sequence of 8 binary digits.

5.If a universal microprocessor solution existed with which every design could realized,the electronics industry wouldn't be a very competitive place.

6.One way of creating fusion here on earth is to heat and compress pellets containing hydrogen to the temperatures and pressures needed to fuse the nuclei of the hydrogen atoms together,creating tiny hydrogen bombs and thus generating incredible power.