1.As such,every new version of the product requires a redesign and trips through the foundry,an expensive proposition,and an impediment to rapid time-to-market.

2.Furthermore,we shall prove that a minimum theoretical sampling frequency of order 6.8 kilohertz(kHz)is required to convey a voice channel occupying the range 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz.

3.For example,the signal received from a satellite,located in far outer space,is very weak and is at a level only slightly above that of the noise.

4.However,for applications in which the end product must process answers in real time,or must do so while powered by consumer batteries,GPPs comparatively poor real time performance and high power consumption all but rules them out.

5.Integration circuits are also classified according to their functions.Digital or logical IC are used as switches,they are either on or off.In computers the on and off states correspond to 0 or 1.Other IC is called linear or analog IC.

6.In addition,the signal processor may also add parity bits to the digital word to provide channel coding so that error detection and correction can be used by the signal processor in the receiver to reduce or eliminate bit errors that are caused by noise in the channel.