1.The majority of shares on the listed exchange, not just those included in narrow stock indexes.

2.In analyzing a business, the users of financial statements should consider its liquidity, solvency, and profitability.

3.China’s banking industry is now supervised by the PBC and CBRC. In addition, the MOF is in charge of financial accounting and taxation part of banking regulation and management.

4.The person who makes a guarantee is secondarily liable if the person who is primarily liable defaults.

5.Bills of exchange, also referred to as bills, are essentially a short term credit instrument that can be used by a company either for financing or investment. Bills can be issued for any term up to a year and are generally issued for periods of less than 6 months.
5. 汇票,也叫票据,主要指一种可用作公司筹资或投资的短期信用票据。汇票的使用期限可以是一年以内的任何期限,但通常在六个月以内。

6.What is money? Anything which performs the functions of money is money. Money's essential characteristic is that it is generally acceptable. When people generally refuse to accept something as money, it is not money.