bilateral and multilateral economic cooperation 双边和多边经济合作

  bilateral trade 双边贸易

  dual nationality 双重国籍

  trusteeship 托管制度

  outer space 外层空间

  sole legal government 唯一合法政府

  loans with no or low interest 无息和低息贷款

  colonialism and neo-colonialism 新老殖民主义

  delayed repayment of capital and interest 延期还本付息

  extradition 引渡

  Zionism 犹太复国主义

  friendly exchanges 友好往来

  disputed areas 有争议的地区

  fishery resources 渔业资源

  political offender 政治犯

  political fugitive 政治逃犯

  Middle East, Mideast 中东

  neutral state, neutral country 中立国

  neutralized state 永久中立国

  apartheid, racial segregation 种族隔离

  genocide 种族灭绝

  sovereign state 主权国家

  exclusive economic zone 专属经济区

  suzerain state, metropolitan state 宗主国

  suzerainty 宗主权

  to maintain neutrality 保持中立

  to safeguard national sovereignty and national resources 保卫国家主权和民族资源

  to take concerted steps 采取协调行动

  to undertake obligations in respect of the nuclear-free zone 对无核区承担义务

  to develop relations of peace and friendship, equality and mutual benefit, and prolonged stability 发展和平友好、平等互利、长期稳定的关系

  to develop the national economy 发展民族经济

  to peddle munitions 贩卖军火

  All countries, big or small, should be equal. 国家不分大小,应该一律平等

  to establish normal state relations 建立正常的国家关系

  to seek a fair and reasonable solution 求得公平合理的解决

  to make up for each other's deficiencies 取长补短

  to negotiate through diplomatic channels 通过外交途径进行谈判

  to safeguard national independence and the integrity of sovereignty


  to safeguard world peace 维护世界和平

  to solve disputes by peaceful means 用和平手段解决争端

  in consideration of the actual conditions 照顾现实情况

  the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence 和平共处五项原则

  mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity


  mutual non-aggression 互不侵犯

  non-interference in each other's internal affairs 互不干涉内政

  equality and mutual benefit 平等互利

  peaceful coexistence 和平共处