protectorate (被)保护国

  asylum 庇护;避难

  forntier region, border region 边界地区

  boundary negotiation 边界谈判

  status quo of the boundary 边界现状

  never to attach any conditions 不附带任何条件

  non-aligned countries 不结盟国家

  patrimonial sea 承袭海

  consultations 磋商

  the third world 第三世界

  imperialism 帝国主义

  200-nauticalmile maritime rights 二百海里海洋权

  developing countries 发展中国家

  dependency 附庸国

  plebiscite 公民投票

  generally-accepted principles of international relations 公认的国际关系原则

  joint action 共同行动

  normalization of relations 关系正常化

  an established principle of international law 国际法准则

  rudimentary code of international relations 国际关系中最起码的准则

  international waters 国际水域

  international situation 国际形势

  merger of states 国家合并

  national boundary 国界

  maritime resources 海洋资源

  mutual understanding and mutual accommodation 互谅互让

  exchange of needed goods 互通有无

  détente, 缓和

  fundamental rights 基本权利

  reduction or cancellation of debts 减轻债务负担

  Near East 近东

  right of residence 居留权

  arms dealer, merchant of death 军火商

  territorial sea 领海

  limits of territorial sea 领海范围

  breadth of territorial sea 领海宽度

  territorial air 领空

  territorial waters 领水

  inalienability of territory 领土的不可割让性

  territorial jurisdiction 领土管辖权

  territorial contiguity 领土毗连

  territorial integrity 领土完整

  refugee camp 难民营

  country of one's residence 侨居国

  complete prohibition and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons 全面禁止和彻底销毁核武器

  people-to-people contacts and exchanges 人民之间的联系和交流

  sacred and inviolable 神圣不可侵犯

  ecocide 生态灭绝

  practical, efficient, economical and convenient for use 实用,有效,廉价,方便