Regulations on Control of Advertisement

第一条 为了加强广告管理,推动广告事业的发展,有效地利用广告媒介为社会 主义建设服务,制定本条例。

Article 1. These Regulations are formulated for the purpose of strengthening the administration of advertisement, promoting the development of advertisement undertakings and utilizing advertisement as an effective medium to serve socialist construction.

第二条 凡通过报刊、广播、电视、电影、路牌、橱窗、印刷品、霓虹灯等媒介 或者形式,在中华人民共和国境内刊播、设置、张贴广告,均属本条例 管理范围。

Article 2. These Regulations shall apply to any advertisements published, broadcast, installed or posted in the People's Republic of China through such media or in such forms as the press, broadcasting, television, films, street nameplates, shop windows, printed matters, neon lights, etc.

第三条 广告内容必须真实、健康、清晰、明白,不得以任何形式欺骗用户和消 费者。

Article 3. The content of an advertisement must be true to facts, sound, clear and easy to understand and must not cheat users and consumers in any way.

第四条 在广告经营活动中,禁止垄断和不正当竞争行为。

ARticle 4. Monopoly and unfair competition shall be prohibited in advertising operations.

第五条 广告的管理机关是国家工商行政管理机关和地方各级工商行政管理机关。

Article 5. The administrative organs controlling advertisements shall be the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and local administrative departments for industry and commerce at various levels.

第六条 经营广告业务的单位和个体工商户(以下简称广告经营者),应当按照本 条例和有关法规的规定,向工商行政管理机关申请,分别情况办理审批 登记手续:

Article 6. Units and self-employed industrialists or businessmen wishing to engage in advertising businesses (hereinafter referred to as advertising operators) shall submit applications to administrative departments for industry and commerce in accordance with these Regulations and the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations and go through, according to different circumstances, such formalities as examination, approval or registration:


(1) For enterprises specializing in advertising business, Business Licences for Enterprises as Legal Persons shall be issued;


(2) For institutions concurrently engaged in advertising business, Licences for Advertising Operation shall be issued;


(3) For self-employed industrialists or businessmen capable of running advertising businesses, Business Licences shall be issued;


(4) For enterprises concurrently engaged in advertising business, applications shall be filed with the relevant departments for change of business scope registration.

第七条 广告客户申请刊播、设置、张贴的广告,其内容就当在广告客户的经营 范围或者国家许可的范围内。

Article 7. The content of an advertisement to the published, broadcast, installed or posted shall be kept within the advertiser's business scope or the scope permitted by the State.

第八条 广告有下列内容之一的,不得刊播、设置、张帖:

Article 8. An advertisement that contains any of the following contents may not be published, broadcast, installed or posted:


(1) That violates the laws and regulations of the State;


(2) That impairs the national dignity of the State;


(3) That involves designs of the national flag, national emblem or national anthem or the music of the national anthem of the People's Republic of China;


(4) That is reactionary, obscene, superstitious or absurd;


(5) That is fraudulent;


(6) That depreciates products of the same kind.

第九条 新闻单位刊播广告,应当有明确的标志。

Article 9. News media shall provide clear indications for the advertisement they publish or broadcast.

新闻单位不得以新闻报道形式 刊播广告,收取费用;新闻记者不得借采访名义招揽广告。

News media may not publish or broadcast advertisements in the form of news reports nor collect fees for these reports. Journalists may not solicit advertisements in the name of news coverage.

第十条 禁止利用广播、电视、报刊为卷烟做广告。

Article 10. It shall be forbidden to advertise cigarettes through broadcast, television, newspapers or periodicals.

获得国家级、部级、省级各类奖的优质名酒,经工商行政管理机关批 准,可以作广告。

After approval by administrative departments for industry and commerce, it may be allowed to advertise famous wines and liquors of good quality which have won prizes at the national, ministerial or provincial level.