Zoning is in essence a formatted hard disk. When we create a partition, has already set the hard disk of the physical parameters and the appointment of a hard disk master boot record (the Master Boot Record, generally referred to as the MBR) and boot record backup storage location. As for the operating system, file system management, as well as other information needed to the hard disk is formatted after the adoption of high-level, that is, to achieve the Format command.
分区从实质上说就是对硬盘的一种格式化。当我们创建分区时,就已经设置好了硬盘的各项物理参数,指定了硬盘主引导记录(即Master Boot Record,一般简称为MBR)和引导记录备份的存放位置。而对于文件系统以及其他操作系统管理硬盘所需要的信息则是通过之后的高级格式化,即Format命令来实现。

Prior to the installation of the operating system and software, first of all need to partition and format the hard disk, and then to use the hard drive to preserve all kinds of information. Many people would think that since it is hard it must partition into several parts, in fact, we can only create a partition to use all or part of the hard disk space. However, no matter how much we are divided into districts, either using a SCSI or IDE hard disk drives, hard drives must be the primary partition to set active partition, this is the only way through your system hard disk.