Insurance 保险

1.[ls]He is a holder of an insurance policy.[/ls]

2.[ls]How long is the period from the commencement to termination of insurance?[/ls]

3.[ls]Insurance companies insured ships and their cargoes against loss at sea.[/ls]

4.[ls]Mr.Rodman is the most heavily insured man in the world, carying $4,000,000 insurance on his life.[/ls]

5.[ls]One kind of insurance policy is the one that covers a named person.[/ls]

6.[ls]Parties to an insurance contract are required to exercise the utmost good faith and disclose all relevant matters to each other.[/ls]

7.[ls]The coverage is written in the basic form and clauses.[/ls]

8.[ls]What cover will you take out?[/ls]

9.[ls]What do your insurance clauses cover?[/ls]

10.[ls]Who will pay the premium for WPA?[/ls]