We take a holiday of 7 days because of the National Day.As we all know,October 1 is the National Day of China in Gregorian calendar.

In the holiday I went to visit the Yellow River Forest Park togeter with three of my classmates.It was very boring when staying in the bus for a long time,which made me doze off all the time,and at some time,I nearly struck my head on the chair in the front of me.After two hours' journery by bus,we finally got to the park.But to my disappoint,there was nothing interesting here,except some quiet normal things. Compared with the my school I stayed in,here was very noisy and messy.

Though the park is beside the Yellow River,the air is still a little smelly because there are a lot of animals such as horses,cocks and so on here,which make lots of wastes every day while few people clean them. In a word,the park is not so good as I had expected,and I felt unsatisfied about it.