Either Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr decided to get back together or they're just playing nice.

The on-again, off-again couple, who was currently broken up as far as their relationship status was concerned, was spotted grocery shopping together at a Whole Foods market in West Hollywood on Sunday.

However, the Gossip Girl costars made sure to play coy, and never presented an opportunity to be photographed together, walking in and out within minutes of each other.Additionally, a source tells E! News that the duo was eating sandwiches together at Jersey Mike's in West Hollywood on Friday.

The couple, who began dating in 2008, broke up in early 2010. Reports then claimed they were back on after being spotted all over Chicago for Lollapalooza "definitely acting like a couple" later that year, however they never confirmed being exclusive again.Additionally, Westwick dished on being a single man in June 2012. 


因为拍摄《绯闻女孩》而认识的 Ed Westwick (Chuck) 和 Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) 周日被拍到在 West Hollywood 一起采购百货,疑似复合。但这两位明星可谓狡猾,整个购物过程中,完全没有让狗仔抓拍到在一起的照片,离开商店也是一前一后。另知情者透漏,他们在周五还在好莱坞一起吃三明治。这对分分合合的情侣真是让媒体摸不着头脑,他们2008年交往、2010年被爆分手,后又在芝加哥 Lollapalooza 音乐节上被发现举止亲密。Westwick 在2012年6月仍以单身身份出现,而如今,他们好像又一次复合了呢。