Blair Waldorf: When Will You Realize Chuck Is A Changed Man?
Blair Waldorf:你啥时候才能意识到Chuck已经改过自新了!

We shamelessly admit that when Dan (Penn Badgley) took Blair (Leighton Meester) to the steps of the Met on the April 9 episode of Gossip Girl to fulfill her dream of being a princess– it was pretty darn cute. During that moment in time, for one tiny second, we thought Dan and Blair are kind of cute together.

So while Dan’s gesture was cute, charming or whatever you want to call it — Chuck’s gesture of paying Blair’s dowry was far more meaningful. So where was Chuck’s kiss on the steps of the Met, Blair? Or for the very least — where was his “thank you”?

Instead of being appreciative, Blair got mad at Chuck and accused him of pay her dowry from Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) to win her heart back, but that wasn’t the case — at all. Like Chuck said, he just wanted Blair to be free from the evil prince. He didn’t have any ulterior motives behind paying her dowry.

WHY is it SO difficult for Blair to realize that Chuck isn’t the same scheming man he was at Constance? Especially considering that Blair hasn’t always been an angel herself.

Blair really needs to shape up and accept Chuck for who he is now: a changed, good-hearted man. He really is just looking out for Blair’s best interest.

Blair may not be in love with Chuck at the moment, but the least she could do is thank him for freeing her and lend him a helping hand when he needs it — like he did last night.