Blair的跟班又开始找“Lonely boy”的麻烦,看,这次遭殃的又会是这个女老师了!

<听写方式: 填写缺失的部分, 不用带数字序号>
D: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
R: Are you okay?.
I'm fine.
It's a file folder, [---1---]
R: I meant before that. You didn't notice me......until you nearly knocked me over.
D: I noticed you. I was just......actually thinking
how much I like your sweater.
R: Thanks.
DAN: Not that I didn't like......what you were wearing yesterday.Or that I even remember.
A yellow sweater and shoe-slash-boot things.
D: Yeah?
R: Breathe.
D: Right.
B: Ladies, you can give your tiny brains a rest.
[---3---], I can do better.
D: Sorry about that. I'm sure you're on your way to class.
RACHEL: No, I'm just....
G: Ms. Carr and Dan Humphrey?.
Are they really...?.
B: Who cares?.
not a brick wall. Oxygen it's good for the brain. Once again the world has proven anything you can do But I have a friend in cyberspace who'll know just what to do.
D: 哦! R: 哦! D: 对不起 R:你没事吧? D:我没事 这只是个文件夹 又不是砖墙 R:我是说之前 你撞到我之前 都没注意到我 D:不不不 我看到你了 我实际上是在想 我非常喜欢你的毛衣 R:谢谢你 我不是说不喜欢你昨天的穿着 我甚至还记得...是一件黄色的毛衣 还有 那些靴子 R: 是 深呼吸 D:对啊 氧气...对我的大脑有好处 是 我... B:姑娘们 可以放松一下你们的小脑瓜了 这又一次证明了 你们能做的事 我会做得更好 D: 对不起 R: 没关系 你是要去上课吧 D:不是 我只是... G:Carr老师和Dan Humphrey? 不会吧? 谁在乎啊? 但我有一个网友 她知道该怎么做 寂寞男孩和Carr小姐? 效仿"Mary Kay Letourneau" (因师生恋被告入狱的美国女教师)