Bart 的死导致了Chuck和Lily反目成仇,这样的悲剧,估计也是Bart所不愿意看见的,但是,毕竟还是有争执,那笔巨额的财产财产

<听写方式: 填写缺失的部分, 不用带数字序号>
L: I know I have some explaining to do.
If you're looking for Bart's will, you don't have to worry.
C: I'm not......but you should be. [---1---]
L: Well, it's not here, [---2---]
C: I can't look at you, Lily. You disgust me.
L: Charles.
L: I did no such thing.
C: He was coming to fight for you. Talk about dying for nothing.
The only reason he got in that car is because you called him.
If you could've just stayed out of it....
But you couldn't, could you? Because you're just like him.
You have to know everything, control everyone, trust no one.
C: Are you saying this is my fault?
L: No. It's no one's fault.
C: Yes, it is. It's your fault. [---4---]
L: I am so sorry. As soon as that will is read, and I get my money......you'll never see me again.
I'm going to find your file. so you can stop ransacking the place and look at me. Disrespecting your marriage betraying my father with Rufus Humphrey. His blood is on your hands.
L:我们可以谈谈吗 我有些事要解释 如果你是想要看Bart的遗嘱 那你不用担心 C:我没有 需要担心的是你 我要找找你的文件 L:那不在这儿 所以你可以不要再乱翻了 看着我 C:我不能看着你Lily 你让我感到恶心 L:Charles 你不尊重你的婚姻 和Rufus Humphrey一起背叛我的爸爸 L:我没有 C:他是过来争取你的 他算是白白送了命 L:他会上车是因为你打了电话给他 如果你能够不去管... 但是你就是不能 是吗 因为你就像他 必须知道一切 掌握一切 不相信任何人 C:你是说这是我的错吗 L:不 这不是任何人的错 C:是 是你的错 你的双手沾满了他的鲜血 L:对不起 C:一旦宣读遗嘱 我马上拿走我的钱 你不会再见到我了