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L: I'm sorry we haven't spoken since the ball. [---1---]
R: All I wanna say is that I'm here.
If you want me to keep my distance, I can do that, too.
I, um, can't imagine what you're going through.
L: Oh,well, actually, you can better than anyone else can.
Everyone's so concerned about the grieving widnow...
...[---2---], mostly, I feel guilt.
R: You must be thinking a hundred thoughts now......but Lily, you cannot blame yourself.
L: Why not? He was on his way to see me.
I was gonna end our marriage.
R: Hey, it's okay.
L: You hear me? [---3---]
R: Oh. What'd it say?.
L: I haven't listened to it.
I've been too afraid you know, to hear his voice.
R: Well, do you wanna listen to it right now? I'll stay with you.
L: Thank you, but I'll do it myself. I have to get back.
R: Lil, [---4---]six months, six years. I'll be here.
绯闻女孩系列已经有自己的节目咯,欢迎戳这里(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……
I really appreciate your messages. but as much as I feel shock and loss He left me a voice mail. I'm waiting for you this time
L: 很抱歉 舞会之后我们就没能说上话 我真的很谢谢你发来的留言 R: 我想说的是 我就在这里 如果你想与我保持距离 我也可以的 我 嗯 无法体会你都承受了些什么 L: 其实 你能比其他任何人更能体会我的感受 大家都在关心这个心碎的寡妇 但是尽管我很震惊也很失落 但占据我的心的却是我的负罪感 R: 我肯定你现在肯定愁肠百结 但是 Lily 你不能自责下去了 L: 为什么呢? 他当时是为了来看我啊 而我... 我一心想的却是结束我们的婚姻 R: 嘿... 没事的 听到没? 他给我的语音信箱留了一通留言 R: 说什么了? L: 我不知道 我没有听 我好害怕 知道吧 害怕听到他的声音 R: 那 你现在想听么? 我陪着你 L: 谢谢 不过我还是自己听好了 我得回去了 这次我会等你 六个月也好 六年也好 我都会等