商场牛人Bart Bass 也有温柔的一面 只因为Lily Bass 他的那句 I can change...You know I can...if you'll let me 顿时显示了这个在商场上的胜利者的的另一面 对自己恋人的温柔的付出 虽然可能他的表达方式以及以前的做事风格不好 但是这简单的一句 I can change 就超过了所有的甜言蜜语

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B:It's,uh... __1__, Lily. And I just want you to know that I fired Andrew Tyler, that private investigator who gathered all those files. No more snooping. No more trying to control you and the kids. __2__
L:Thank you, but, um, __3__
B:__4__ I can change, Lily. You know I can...if you'll let me. I should be back from my miami trip in time to go to the ball. So if you want to think about what I said and are willing to give me a second chance, __5__
L:I,um,I have to go. There's a few more things I have to do inside.

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It's been a long time since I've been a husband It's done, and I'm sorry for everything. I don't think that that's enough. Well,then tell me what is, and I'll do it. I'd be honored to accompany you.
B:就是 莉莉 我们结婚很久了 而且我想让你知道我开了安德鲁·泰勒 那个搜集这些资料的侦探 我不会再监视你 也不会想控制你和那些孩子 都结束了 我为我做的一切感到抱歉 L:谢谢 但是 我觉得仅仅那样还不够 B:那你告诉我应该怎么做 我就照做 我可以为你改变 莉莉 你要求 我就会变 我去迈阿密办事 尽早回来 尽量及时参加舞会 如果你好好考虑我的话 或者愿意再给我个机会 我会很荣幸地陪伴你 L:我 我现在要走了 里面的事还没弄完