We went to a ‘Gossip Girl’ screening of the season premiere today and can we just say — wow! Josh Safran sat down and answered multiple questions about the upcoming season. Read on for spoilers!
专访绯闻女孩制片Josh Safran,为您揭秘第五季首播的精彩内容!

Many of you are dying to know secrets about the upcoming Gossip Girl season premiere, particularly anything involving one Miss Blair Waldorf and her feelings toward her fiance, Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey. And while we can’t give everything away we can tell you that she doesn’t have any scenes at all with one of these characters in the premiere.

Sorry Chair fans, those of you looking for some Blair and Chuck interactions will have to wait a little bit. While Chuck is forced to face Blair’s impending wedding when he comes back from his worldly travels, the two don’t interact in the premiere. She does however, have quite the conversations with both Prince Louis and Dan. Just because she’s not interacting with Chuck doesn’t mean we don’t get to see feisty Blair in full force.

That being said, will she continue with her plans to wed Louis? Executive producer Josh Safran says yes. “You will see all steps up to, at least, if not including, Blair’s wedding,” he teases.

And what about Chuck? Josh explains that the theme of this season, for everyone, is “growing up”. “They are all actually taking the first steps to who they are going to be,” says Josh. “Chuck’s journey, even though it looks like he’s a thrill seeker [in the premiere], that opens the door to a new avenue for him, a new way of life, which isn’t what you’ve seen yet. But I think people will really like it. I think it’s the only actual step in the evolution of Chuck.”

Hmm, does that mean grown up Chuck wouldn’t get in the way of Blair’s wedding? And how does Dan play into all of this? “The triangle in our minds is sort of Chuck and Louis and Blair,” reveals Josh. “Dan’s role in it is sort of surprising … I don’t know if it’s necessarily romantic with Dan and Blair.”

And for those die-hard fans who are worried that Chuck, Blair, Dan, Nate and Serena will not be getting enough screen time with each other, do not stress. “We have our core cast more together than they have been since season one,” explains Josh. “We only have like five or six people [in some episodes]. You see all of them [the regulars] in every episode.”
有些死忠饭担心主角们Chuck,Blair, Dan, Nate和Serena的戏份会减少,现在你们不用担心了。Josh说,在新一季中,这些主创会出场得更多集中,大概只有五、六位嘉宾会客串演出。而常规演员每集都会出现。

As for the pregnancy question all we can reveal is you do know which gal is pregnant by the end of the premiere. And everything may not pan out in the way you, ahem, expect.