It looks like the Van der Woodsen clan will be down one member on Gossip Girl this fall. Connor Paolo’s time as Serena’s kid brother Eric has come to an end.
今年秋季开播的《绯闻女孩》Van der Woodsen家族又要少一位成员了。由Connor Paolo扮演的Serena的弟弟Eric这个角色不会回来了。

The actor — who is a series regular on the new ABC drama Revenge — can’t even imagine a scenario in which he’d return. Asked if he would go back to Gossip Girl should Revenge get canceled, Paolo shakes his head. “I’m done,” he tells TVLine. “You should never go back in life. Only forward.”
Connor Paolo现在是ABC电视网新剧《Revenge》的常规演员——他也没有想过要回《绯闻女孩》了。当被问到如果《Revenge》被砍,他会不会回到《绯闻女孩》的时候,Paolo摇摇头说:“不会了。做人不应该总是往回走,只能向前看。”

After trying to recall how Eric’s story concluded last season — “I went to college, right?” — Paolo admits he was fine with the non-showy goodbye. “I don’t think they knew I was leaving,” he explains.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Sunday, Paolo told reporters, including Zap2it, “Eric’s going to college and he’s going to stay there. He doesn’t come home for Christmas anymore.”