The ‘Gossip Girl’ star is begging fans to find out if they’re a bone marrow match for one year old Ayelet.

Toddler Ayelet Galena has a rare disorder and will die if a suitable donor isn’t found soon.
Toddler Ayelet Galena得了一种罕见的疾病,如果不赶紧找到合适的骨髓捐赠的话,她可能很快就要离开这个世界了。

Leighton Meester found out about Ayelet‘s plight through her work with the DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center.

“We need to find a donor for Ayelet. She will not survive if she doesn’t find a bone marrow donor,” Leighton says, “I urge everyone to get swabbed, so Ayelet can find her perfect match.”

The tot’s mom Hindy adds, “Every time my baby gets a tiny cold, I wonder if she will be able to fight it off. I know there is some charitable soul out there who can save my daughter. We must find that person, that match! Please do a simple cheek swab to help Ayelet and many other patients to see if you can be that match.”

Ayelet’s best chance of a match is with someone of eastern European descent — but the DKMS needs donors from all backgrounds for the thousands of children and adults on transplant waiting lists.