GossipGirl第三季第20集的开场,Gossip Girl说了一段特有道理的人生好比幸运大转盘。其间SN的亲昵和DV的尴尬形成了鲜明的对比。而背景音乐就是这首来自Scanners的Salvation。

by Scanners

Serena & Nate fool around; Dan & Vanessa spend an awkward morning together; repeats as Dan confronts Vanessa about the internship in Haiti she applied for; Blair advises Chuck he should go see Lily;  Holland tells Serena about her & Rufus; Serena tells her dad to fight for Lily; Blair warns off the Columbia girls; Jenny calls Chuck about Lily's medicine; Serena intercepts Rufus' phone call as William talks with Lily & Eric.

It's said that we're all strapped to fortune's wheel. Nowhere is this truer than the ever-changing landscape of love. As one couple enjoys an upswing, another is plunged downwards. But top or bottom, don't get too comfortable, because the one thing you can rely on is that the wheel will keep on turning.

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