No.67, Lane123, Hope Road

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Han

Job District, Shanghai, China

(+86) 138-xxxx-xxxx

Job intentions and work experience

  Talent Type: General Job

  Position: Vocational education / training / tutor: teacher, business / management classes, advertising design / planning:

  Work Experience

  Job type: Full-time Date Available: anytime

  Salary requirements: 2000 - 3500 hope that the Working Area: Shanghai

  Personal Work Experience: Company Name: Public International Cultural Communication Center, beginning and ending Clear :2008-09 ~ 2009-05

  Company nature: private-owned business: advertising, planning, marketing,

  Positions: AE and Program

  Job Description: The company main business advertising, public relations, event planning mainly during employment I was responsible for business development and customer service. One successful pioneering project in Guangzhou Mangu Silver's 2009 annual investment projects, and the Guangzhou software industry association of software and animation training base for personnel training awarding ceremony. There is a wealth of customer service experience, familiar with the operation of the advertising process, have a stronger ability to copy writing and proposals. And full-service business development in the pioneering project in the service process to accurately determine customer needs, and guide customers and established good customer relationships, so that the overall quality of their public relations capacity in particular, has been improved.

  Reason for leaving:

  Company Name: Hangzhou excellent Ace Network Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Office of the beginning and ending Clear :2007-03 ~ 2008-08

  Company nature: the private sector by sector: E-commerce

  Positions: Customer Service in charge of

  Job Description: Responsible for customer service and employee motivation training. Working diligently in the company, innovative thinking once again provided me with an opportunity to show, have suggested and organize staff training, so that the company's after-sales service capacity and professionalism have been greatly improved, the company has won a good reputation, won the recognition of bosses and colleagues!

  Through these exercises and learning, let me have a good management capability and capacity of communication and coordination, enhance service awareness and public relations skills.

  Reason for leaving:

  Company Name: Hubei entrepreneurial technical schools beginning and ending Clear :2003-09 ~ 2007-01

  Company nature: institution-owned Industry: education

  Positions: the class teacher and computer science teacher

  Job Description: The secret secretarial school serving 507 business classes taught by professional computer class teacher and the office software programs, to teach school during the active part in the organization of the various teaching and research activities, and consciously cultivating all aspects of the capacity of school leaders and colleagues deeply consistent well received and won many outstanding class teacher, advanced workers, the honorary title.

  Students during the school a good professional skills and practical ability of society to form an education and social development, integration, I propose an innovative teaching methods, gain my colleagues to emulate, while also continue to temper themselves and upgrade their professional skills and speaking ability the same time, his own management and coordination capacity has been a great improvement.

  Reason for leaving:


  Graduate institutions: Hubei Radio & TV

  Supreme Education: College Degree obtained: No access to graduation date: 2005-07-01

  A learned profession: Computer science education learned profession 2: Accounting

  By the education and training experience: the termination of Clear Start Clear School (institutional) professional to obtain the certificate Certificate No.

  2002-092005-07 Hubei Radio and Television University computer science education diploma 513055200506140034

  2008-04 Psychology, Peking University, Guangzhou Station Zikao undergraduate psychology reading


  Language: English General

  Mandarin level: fluent in Cantonese level: General

  The ability to work and other expertise:

  Computer Science Education, a four-year vocational education, classroom management and teaching experience, a good image, good temperament, strong verbal and written communication skills, good management and coordination capacity; a corporate employee training and management experience and experience in advertising copy and AE ! Want to get your favor!