1. A responsible administrative position which will provide challenge and freedom where I can bring my initiative and creativity into full play.

1. 负责管理的职位,该职位将提供挑战和自由,使我能充分发挥我的进取精神及创造能力。

2. An executive assistant position utilizing interesting, training and experience in office administration.

2. 行政助理职位,能运用办公室管理方面的兴趣,训练与经验。

3. A position in management training programs with the eventual goal of participating in the management rank of marketing.

3. 管理培训计划方面的职务,最终目标在参与市场管理层。

4. An entry-level position in sales. Eventual goal: manager of marketing department.

4. 销售方面的初级职位。最终目标:销售部门的经理。

5. A position requiring analytical skills in the financial or investment field.

5. 财务或投资领域需要运用分析技巧的职务。

6. To begin as an accounting trainee and eventually become a manager.

6. 从当见习会计开始,最后成为经理。

7. An entry-level position in an accounting environment, which ultimately leads to financial management.

7. 会计部门的初级职务,最后能够管理财务。

8. An entry-level position responsible for computer programming.

8. 负责计算机程序的初级职务。

9. Administrative assistant to an executive where shorthand and typing skills will be assets.

9. 高级管理人员的行政助理:将用上速记和打字技巧。

10. Responsible managerial position in human resources.

10. 人力资源方面负责管理的职务。

11. A position in Foreign Trade Department, with opportunities for advancement to management position in the department.

11. 外贸部门的职位,有机会晋升到该部门的经理职务。

12. A position as a design engineer in an engineering department.

12. 工程部门设计工程师的职位。

13. To serve as sales promoter in a multinational corporation with a view to promotion in position and assignment in parent company's branch abroad.

13. 担任多国公司的推销员,期望在职位上有晋升并能分派到母公司的海外分公司去工作。