Tweak your tone for every company

1. Tweak your tone for every company. Don't send generic cover letters that can be used for any job application. You want to make sure that the tone of your letter fits the type of firm you're applying to. Is the company looking for someone with sass or someone more serious? Figure that out on your own, and tailor your letter to what suits the company.
1. 为每个公司定制求职信。不要像发简历模版一样把相同的求职信发给不同的公司。你需要根据公司类型调整你求职信的语调。目标公司是在找自信的还是严谨的求职者?你自己判断,然后为公司量身制作求职信。



Be different

2. Be different. Don't repeat everything on your résumé in your cover letter. The letter is your chance to shine and show a bit of your personality. Repeating what's already been said just takes up valuable space.
2. 写一些不同的东西。不要把简历上写过的内容在求职信上再写一遍。求职信是用来突出闪光点和体现个人特质的,重复简历的内容将浪费非常宝贵的展示自己的机会。

Don't bring up your weaknesses

3. Don't bring up your weaknesses. If no one is asking you what your biggest failings are, then don't be so eager to volunteer that information. The cover letter is not the time to reflect on self-improvement; save that for the weakness question you may be asked during the interview.
3. 不要提及弱项。如果没人问你哪件事让你败得跌入谷底,不要主动提出来。求职信不是用来自我反省和提高的,有关弱项的话题等到面试有人询问时再斟酌回答吧。

Focus on the company, not yourself

4. Focus on the company, not yourself. Try your best to show that you care about the company and how you want to help it grow. Try to avoid using too much "I," and show how you can be a helpful addition to the company.
4. 以公司为导向,而不是自己。尽量表现出你对公司的关注,并且表明你可以帮助公司提高业绩。求职信句子中不要总是出现“我”,要多写你能给公司带来的额外价值。

Stick to the right length

5. Stick to the right length. Limit yourself to a page, and try to stick to four paragraphs. The first should be an introduction, the position you'd like to apply for, and a sentence summarizing briefly why you'd like the job and why you're a perfect fit. The next two should go on to mention applicable skills and specific achievements that further showcase how qualified you are for the job. The last paragraph should be a final brief emphasis on how you're excited for the position and a place for you to thank the readers for their time and consideration.
5. 注意求职信长度。一页四段最佳。第一段应该是简短介绍你应聘的职位,求职的原因以及为什么自己适合这份工作。接下来的两段可以列出技能与成就,从而更体现出自己符合职位的要求。最后一段应表明自己对职位的浓厚兴趣,以及感谢HR花了时间和精力看这封信。